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Wisdom Wednesdays – Search & Destroy

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Post Tweet

Infinite Sadness by Martina Pink balloons The phone book.” – M y great uncle Neural synaptic transmissions It’s a Christmas miracle! đź‘Ť Know who I love? The Gipsy Kings. Cosmic … Continue reading

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This website turns your tweets into poems

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Instant poet (Picture: Poetweet) Fancy becoming a poet? Well don’t throw on a turtleneck and start hanging out in cafĂ©s just yet. Poetweet will make you one. Instantly. The…

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Marriage Vows

They are just words.

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Finder’s Keepers (A Treasure Hunt)

I left those things for you Tabbed next to the mirror Fingerprints smearing on glass I left those things for you Tucked under the bed mattress Between linen sheets Not so … Continue reading

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The one who’s a ghost The one to worry The one to not hurry To discover Ghost man I’m sorry it haunts you like a bad dream I’m sorry I’m … Continue reading

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On Jiff’s

  My peanut butter sits in a jar It sits in a jar too far High up above in cabinetry That is too tall for me to reach I want … Continue reading

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