A Lady and Lit

I like to write


Flowers in your hair
Soft waves
Don’t care
Flowers everywhere
And it rains outside
And the sun comes out to play
And you’re leaving now
But I just want you to stay
And smile at me like how you do
Say the pretty words you like to do
And you smile back
And we are smiling at one another
And it’s pretty. It’s a pretty thought.
A memory.
You staring at me in the sun. Eyes pinched, it’s so much fun.
Eyes squinted, cigarette smoke
I am at a loss for words in happiness
We make tiny jokes
Red flowers
Everywhere flowers in my hair
Don’t care
You should come by again


© 2013 Erica Christina

     EJ 9/2/2013

One comment on “Flowers

  1. randomlyabstract
    October 23, 2013


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