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Love in the Time of Text

Does anyone talk on the phone anymore?

Like, anyone? Ever?

Because we have become overrun by texting and tweeting and Facebooking and wall statuses.

After the end of an eight-year relationship (which, at the start of, these modes of conversation
were used much less and infrequently), and after I’d not dated in forever, I decided to take a stab at some “dating.” So I delved into my first post-long relationship fling thing and it was my first experience with New School Dating: The Time of Text. Granted, this was a long-distance situation (which is another article in itself) but slowly, after some Hello texts and some 🙂 Smiley texts and after I’d been Emoji-ed to death, it dawned on me:

I am in a Textationship.

That’s right. Not a normal relationship. Not even a regular flirtationship. But a textationship.

We spent more time texting than talking on the phone or Skyping (which, I tried later, in another long distance endeavor – doh! – some of us never learn—another article, no doubt) than anything else.

It’s funny to try to interpret texts, too. What if you are reading them wrong? For example:

Does he mean to sound dry?

Is he being sarcastic?

Is he just unfunny?

What does this clown emoji MEAN? Or the frog? Haha.

Do I sound like an idiot? (Don’t answer that).

Lots of these texts get, well, lost in translation. In textation!

I found myself becoming irritated, at the insane amount of texts and not much else. I approached the subject. It did not help anything. Needless to say, that situation did not go anywhere but it was an eye-opening experience.

Can’t we just talk on the phone (and yes, I learned later, we can, in fact, we can so much to the point of insanity, which I’m not sure is much better either).

Nobody wants to be the Text Girlfriend. But, it is a sign of the times. Dating in this century involves a of of technological words typed out on a computer, a smartphone, an email, an instant message. To be honest, I’m not even one who is much for talking on the phone (like, rarely, if ever!) but there must be a happy medium to be found. To be balanced.

So text away, just make sure you make time for some Real Life Conversation. Or as that famous sign says:

“No, we don’t have Wi-Fi. TALK to each other.”

Is talking face to face becoming a lost art? An endangered species? Save the Real Life Conversations!

Sigh. Love and dating in the time of Text.


© 2013 Erica Christina



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