A Lady and Lit

I like to write

My Bed is a Reminder of You – (I want)

I miss you

Te pienso y te siento

I think of you and I feel you

in my memories

I wish I could make them my reality, my present

Do you spend as much time thinking about me as I do about you?

I hope so

I want to haunt you

I want to be in your dreams

In your feelings

I want you to kiss someone else and think of me

My lips, soft and full

and what they felt like against yours

Pleasant heart palpitations

Pretty heady feelings

Big rush in your head

I want to be that

for you

I love you

That much is true

There’s no stopping this feeling for you

I want for you to go to sleep, in your bed

and imagine me next to you

My body pressed up to you

And my hair pouring over your chest

Your skin in contact and meshed against mine

I remember your sweat

I want you to remember my breath on your neck

The way I remember your words on mine

Hushed words so exciting and promising on mine


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