A Lady and Lit

I like to write

UV rays and Days



The sunlight.

That’s what I remember the most about that summer.

All of my memories are dashed with a bit of UV-rays and daylight and I can still see his face so clearly, his smile at me, his eyes twinkling in the sun. And then a fade out of light.

Our past is long and interweaved and goes much beyond just one season but that summer, in particular, it all culminated into a kaleidoscope of enchantment and romance.

We met when we were very young, had many commonalities in the form of families, vacations, hobbies, and other mutual ties. It was impossible not to keep running into one another. We played sliding glass doors for a long time. As we grew up though, the excuses to only to see eachother when a mutual engagement occurred disappeared; we started actively seeking eachother out. There was always a spark in the air between us. Others picked up on it, too. Joked about how we should get together, see one another—the energy was palpable.  And it was long-standing.

Timing was never our friend, though, especially as we got older. Him there, me here: studies and jobs and dating experiments keeping us apart. But always a touch back. Somehow we always found our way back to eachother.

I had not heard from him in some time and was thinking about him one sunny afternoon when my phone rang. “I was just thinking about you,” I said into the phone. He told me he was on another continent, thinking of me, thousands of miles away. And that is how we were. Sporadic connections over time.

I suppose it’s inevitable what happened.

That summer we met up, finally. It was long overdue. We were able to spend a good amount of time together, without distance keeping us apart, though, we now had other barriers. So the time spent together was still in a vacuum, but we were able to come together in a way we had never before—one of the perks of now being adults.

He loved me so hard that summer that there are days that I still sit suspended in thought reminiscing about all of the ways that he kissed me. Long embraces and lingering smiles, my head on his shoulder as he held me. Lunches, lazy afternoons listening to reggae music, walks in the park, drinking mimosas and smoking cigarettes on tall balconies while we watched the world go by below. Sunlight pouring through big windows.  My hair blowing around on a high-rise, the wind ecstatic. And so was I went he put his arms around me. It was like an electric current going buzzzzz.

Seasons come and go but that summer, now long since passed, is always one, sun­-kissed and full of memories, that I remember. I still see his face, hear his words spoken to me and remember all of the sounds of the cars driving by, the loud noises in the field, Bob Marley not wanting to wait in vain for love, the heat, the sparkle of the river, and the sun blinding my eyes as I squinted up to see him smiling at me.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

And though life’s circumstances put us in different directions, yet again, that’s one time that is crystallized in my mind—one summer that I will always remember wistfully.


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