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The Ideal Lover


Someone from the Twitterverse was asking about what makes up your ideal lover. Here was my response:

Ah, an ideal lover. It would be someone who is charismatic. Has some swagger. There is an aloofness to him and maybe he speaks another language. When he is angry, he goes off in this language and it turns me on. He has an immediate presence, so that when he enters a room, you notice. He tall in stature and maybe lean. A pronounced nose with broad shoulders, there is something very distinct about his face. He has a temper sometimes but he is very good in bed. Ideal lover loves to go downtown (to my lady bits) and can spend hours there. He is like a magician being that he is somewhat mysterious and he is very intelligent. We don’t see each other all the time. After a tryst, that could last for a few hours or days, he goes home, to wherever that is, and/or I do. I like to be alone sometimes. Don’t want him in my face all the time. It would take his mystique away. But sometimes we spend the night together. It’s just not an everyday thing. The lovah.



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