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This website turns your tweets into poems


(Picture: Poetweet) Instant poet (Picture: Poetweet)

Fancy becoming a poet? Well don’t throw on a turtleneck and start hanging out in cafés just yet.

Poetweet will make you one. Instantly.

The Brazilian site (don’t worry – there is an English version) scans your Twitter feed and turns your tweets into a sonnet, a rondel or an indriso.

The results are profound, moving and inspirational in equal measure.

Twitter user Sarah Warwick’s ‘Good Times’ is an instant classic, for example:

‘By the pinnacle of humour endeavour / Leech Living In Her Face / Fish and chips by Whitby Harbour’.

So type in your Twitter handle and wait for the site to work its magic.

Just don’t expect Tennyson.

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2014/10/31/want-to-know-when-youll-die-theres-an-app-for-that-4929915/” title=”Want to know when you’ll die? There’s an app for that”]

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