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You Should Walk Away

Don’t get too close cause I’ll hurt you It’s what I’m apt to do Others have tried against the tide Though I’d forewarned them of what not to do Don’t … Continue reading

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I wanted to rip his body open I wanted to jump on him When I saw him My eyes were WIDE OPEN And I got a tingling sensation in my … Continue reading

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Click here ZAP! to read my 100 Words on Love at Good Men Project. I love comments so feel free to leave me on on the site.  

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Elated Not date…

Elated Not dated That’s what you said When you told me to go Down to where the glitter glows Over by that river I crept over the side Saw my … Continue reading

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Rejection seems to go down a little sweeter when it comes from The New Yorker

So does this mean I should keep submitting?

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The Ideal Lover

Someone from the Twitterverse was asking about what makes up your ideal lover. Here was my response: Ah, an ideal lover. It would be someone who is charismatic. Has some … Continue reading

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UV rays and Days

  The sunlight. That’s what I remember the most about that summer. All of my memories are dashed with a bit of UV-rays and daylight and I can still see … Continue reading

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